Charlie Sheen’s tour is winning

Charlie Sheen’s tour is winning

The Charlie Sheen saga continues, with the release of the tickets/dates for the Charlie Sheen Live tour, aptly named Violent Torpedo Of Truth/ Defeat is not an option.

We have been captivated by Charlie’s musings for a few months now and good ole Charlie has become much more than an internet meme, he has become a pop culture phenomenon. I wouldn’t call it a train wreck because I am fairly confident that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Seeing as two shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City have sold out there is no doubt that this tour is going to be huge.

A lot of people have been asking what exactly will Charlie be doing on stage? According to co producer Joey Scoleri Mr Sheen will “ riff like an artist” during a mostly “spoken word 70 minute presentation”. Whilst on E news Scoleri states…

 “First and foremost he’s an actor and a performer and the funniest guy in America right now, so the show he is working on right now will be largely spoken word, but having heard some of the monologues he is working on right now, it goes from hysterically funny to dark to very thought provoking.”

Scoleri also explains that there will be a PowerPoint presentation throughout most o the performance, showcasing a lot of his self made icons and the fan made homage’s, which have kept the momentum going on the Charlie Sheen “winning” train. He goes onto elaborate on the fact that there will be no script and that every night will be different due to the vast differences in the crowds. It will be an experience that he will make personal for each show, making them laugh and throwing in some thought provoking sentiments from his experiences.

The tour is only in the United States for the moment, lets hope the success of the Violent Torpedo Of Truth/ Defeat is not an option tout expands to other corners of the world who appreciate Charlie’s eccentric pearls of wisdom. This craziness is nothing new from Charlie, he has always been eccentric in his actions, which range from starting a production team with Brett Michaels from Poison, being involved very publicly with the Heidi Fleiss prostitution scandal, being accused of battery numerous times and has had numerous public battles with drugs and alcohol in the past. People forget these things and all the great (and terrible) films he has been apart of because he has created a new character for himself. Now that he is in the public favor again his eccentricities are hilarious and fun, harmless and jovial. I see this as a positive step for Charlie based on what is already learned of him. He is a great actor and what he has created for himself will make him very successful.

More news to come regarding new dates and the (hopeful) possibility of a DVD.