Chris Hemsworth tapped to play Hulk Hogan in biopic!

Chris Hemsworth tapped to play Hulk Hogan in biopic!

Looks like Hulkamania is returning once again this time around though is a Netflix movie all about Hulk Hogan with Chris Hemsworth playing the man.

The news broke via The Hollywood Reporter yesterday they have said the film will focus on the rise of “Hulk Hogan” obviously skipping all the controversy in his later years.

Not much else is really known about the exact story line as yet but as a massive WWF fan as it was called back then I’m really excited to see how this comes together… I wonder who will play Macho Man Randy Savage?

The film is directed by Todd Philips the man behind The Hangover movies with a script written by Scott Silver (who wrote the upcoming DC movie The Joker) with John Pollono (Stronger).

Hulk Hogan rose to fame in the 1980s but I think he will be best known in the wrestling world for his match with the late great Andre the Giant, I really do hope that features in the movie.

The film is a long way off so I don’t expect we will see it till next year

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