Clerks 3 Isn’t Happening…..

Clerks 3 Isn’t Happening…..

Kevin Smith recently announced via twitter, as well as in his popular podcast SModcast, episode #368, that despite all efforts, Clerks 3 is no longer happening. Without going into specific details, the filmmaker stated that “one of our four leads opted out of the flick”.

Smith has spoken about Clerks 3 for several years now, having previously stated that the script is finished and that it was primarily an issue of timing for all involved. The original Clerks was released many years ago back in 1994, with its sequel coming out in 2006.

While there’s been no official word from Smith’s camp on which of the four leads decided not to continue with the film, the popular speculation points to Jeff Anderson not wishing to return to the role of Randal Graves. It’s understood that Anderson took a significant amount of convincing to return for Clerks 2.

In the episode of SModcast where Smith discusses the project with long term friend and collaborator Jason Mewes, he explains that filming was just a few months away from commencing before it all fell apart, with production to take place in Philadelphia.

Furthermore he advises that given a bit of time he’ll happily put the script out there for fans to read, so while there’s no film to come, it’s likely the story will at least come out in one form or another.

Talking all things viewaskew, Smith has also offered something of an update on Mallrats 2 which began as a film project before evolving into a TV series.

It seems that after pitching the idea to a number of networks, there isn’t enough interest in moving forwards with it, so it’s on hold for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

So, with both of those projects done with for now what is coming next? Smith announced that Jay and Silent Bob will be getting a sequel to their Strikes Back film which came out in 2001, titled “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”. Smith announced that this time around the pair will be taking up the challenge once more to try and prevent a film adaptation of their comic counterparts Bluntman and Chronic from being made, in this case a reboot of the previous film they tried to sabotage!

The new film promises to be a funny satire poking fun at the modern movie business, Smith has also promised many cameos in this return to his viewaskewniverse. It’s reported that Jay and Bob 2 will be going into production this American summer, so expect a release date sometime in 2018, hopefully sooner rather than later!

For those holding out on the final instalment of the true north trilogy “Moose Jaws”, it’s likely to be soon after Jay and Bob 2, but given how quickly things have changed anything could happen.

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