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Craig Wants Villeneuve

Craig Wants Villeneuve

No one knows too much about the next Bond movie, still referred to as James Bond 25. Daniel Craig had apparently quit for a while, getting the Internet hot and bothered with the thought that Tom Hiddleston might be sliding the Walther PPK in a holster and maybe doing an impromptu dance with Moneypenny in the MI6 canteen.

Craig was recently confirmed for his fifth and final go at 007 and the planet rejoiced. Now he’s suggesting that he wants Denis Villeneuve to direct the new movie. The French Canadian director has a number of features under his belt including PRISONERS (2013), SICARIO (2015), ARRIVAL (2016) and the upcoming BLADE RUNNER 2049. He is in demand, but has also declared that he would like a break after a five-year streak working on his successful, award-winning projects. He has also expressed interest in adapting a new film version of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Previously Yann Demange (’71) and David MacKenzie (HELL OR HIGH WATER) have been name-checked on the James Bond 25 short-list.

Whoever directs the film, rumoured to be called Shatterhand, it won’t be landing on our screens until November 2019. Until then, you might re-watch all your favourite Bond flicks. Why not start with DIE ANOTHER DAY?

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