The Crow Reboot Flies Closer

The Crow Reboot Flies Closer

So you remember James O’Barr’s comic The Crow which was first published back in 1989? Perhaps you recall a movie called THE CROW from nearly a quarter of a century ago? Many are looking forward to a new version of the 1994 sleeper hit which starred the late Brandon Lee (pictured above) and was directed by Alex Proyas.

That reboot seems to be happening now through the power and agency of Sony; they’re calling it THE CROW REBORNfor the moment. Jason Momoa, who has been thrilling the fan world in trailers as DC’s hirsute new Aqua Man (in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE) will be playing the Crow character and gifting the potential new franchise with his masculine movie aura. This new Crow has been a long time in development limbo. It was a Relativity Media project for a decade or so. Actors Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, Bradley Cooper and Luke Evans have all been named as possible Crows in the past.  Momoa’s name has been the most stable announcement in years, along with Corin Hardy as the director. Hardy is known for his 2015 horror film THE HALLOW.

Some of the interest surrounding a remake of The Crow comes from the fate of its original star Brandon Lee who died in an accident on set. In the minds of Crow fans, this was an eerie reminder of the early death of Brandon Lee’s father, martial arts star Bruce Lee. Whether one indulges in this take or not, Alex Proyas’ finished film was an atmospheric surprise hit and fans have been waiting for a definitive reboot of the series; three sequels were made (in 1998, 2000 and 2005) as well as a late 1990s TV series, but none are considered the true inheritor of the character’s mantle by fans.

No word on a release date yet, but thus far an R-rated film with a US $40 million budget seems to be in the offing. We at AccessReel will keep our eye peeled and our beak sharpened, in the meantime, enjoy the trailer to the original movie that started it all. 

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