Daredevil going home…

Daredevil going home…

Despite rumours of a Daredevil reboot gathering some momentum at Fox over the last 12 months or so it seems that the studio will definitely not be involved with the character after all. Released back in 2003 with Ben Affleck in the lead role, the previous Daredevil film was marginally successful financially but critically on the receiving end of many harsh reviews.

Ultimately that incarnation of the character ended with that one film, there was an Electra spin-off film though the less said about that the better.

A lot has happened with Marvel properties since Affleck donned the red costume, and without a new film going into production anytime soon over at Fox, the rights are going to return back to Marvel studios whom are now sitting under the Disney corporate umbrella. Marvel are now out on their own (for the most part) with total control over their own properties for film projects, however any characters previously licensed to other studio’s will remain so as long as there are films in active production from those studios.

Sony have secured their hold on Spiderman for the time being with the recent Spidey reboot and Fox look like they’ll be the home of the X-Men for the foreseeable future. Fox also have the rights to the Fantastic Four which reportedly they are endeavouring to keep hold of with a reboot in the works.

The Punisher was the first character to revert back to Marvel under the new system in place, now that Daredevil has returned it’ll be interesting to see where Marvel take things as they welcome back these characters.

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