Deadpool and X-Force

Deadpool and X-Force

Logan is currently in cinemas, and is receiving critical acclaim as well as financial success at the box office. While we won’t be seeing Hugh Jackman back for more Wolverine, the mutant films will go on!Deadpool has finally made the leap from fan favorite comic character to fan favorite film character (X-Men: Origins didn’t count), his origin movie was a big hit last year and clearly there’s more to come with the recent teaser trailer dropping.

Deadpool won’t be purely sticking within his own franchise either, X-Men writer and producer Simon Kinberg has indicated that both Deadpool and Cable will appear in an upcoming X-Force film, alongside other unannounced characters. Previously Ryan Reynolds has indicated than an X-Force film is very high on his priorities list.

So while Wolverine has been a massive part of the X-franchise to date, despite him being out for now there are plenty of mutant films coming our way. These include Supernova which is highly likely to be a Dark Phoenix centric film, a Deadpool sequel, X-Force as well as New Mutants just to mention a few. This universe won’t be slipping back from Fox to Marvel Studios anytime soon, and Fox is no doubt keen to make a statement that despite being in a post-Jackman world of X-films, the series has a bright future.

The timing of the success of Deadpool has been a massive win for the franchise, paving the way for plenty of new avenues at a time when they were going to arguably need it the most.

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