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Deuce Ventura

Deuce Ventura

Reboots, re-makes and re-imaginings of classic movies–or even better–franchises, are pretty great, right? So imagine the rush we felt when we heard that Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is being considered for rebootment. 

Owners of the movie rights, Morgan Creek Entertainment Group, has rebranded and is planning on rebooting a number of properties audiences will be familiar with. The Exorcist, which was remade in 2016 as a television series, was the first cab off the rank. Upcoming projects ripe for rebooting include Major League, Pacific Heights and Young Guns (no word yet on whether Old Guns or Daughters and Sons of Guns are being considered as titles).

Morgan Creek’s president David Robinson said the company was open to Jim Carrey returning to his break-out 1994 role in order to do some “baton-handing” to a younger performer. Carrey had already been acting for a decade when the role of Ace Ventura arrived, but his over-the-top antics were unlike anything else in mainstream movie comedy at the time and the film went on to become a worldwide box office smash. Whether Carrey will want to return is an interesting question given the critical drubbing, but box office success, of his comedic revisiting of Lloyd Christmas in DUMB AND DUMBER TO (2014).

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