Digital Dystopia – The Congress

Digital Dystopia – The Congress

Fans of cutting edge science fiction should check out THE CONGRESS at the Luna Outdoor in Leederville. Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, Forest Gump) plays a version of herself in this surreal, genre-bending film. Aging in an industry that demands ageless beauty, Robin is a fading star. With the costs of her ill child’s medical care in mind, she decides to sign her likeness over to Miramount Studios, which they will use in any film they desire, without restriction.

Twenty years later, her digital double has risen to an immortal stardom. Wright is invited to take part in ‘The Futurist Congress’ convention as she makes her comeback straight into the world of future fantasy cinema. The Congress is an incredible cinematic achievement that takes a look at Hollywood, technology, and the way we experience film.

If you are fascinated by the boundaries of cinema, computer generated imagery, and where the digital world is taking us, then this is a movie with plenty to say.  Also starring Harvey Keitel, John Hamm and Paul Giamatti, and directed by the visionary Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir).

THE CONGRESS – screens 8.15pm  Monday 15th  & Tuesday 16th  December at Luna Outdoor, Leederville..

Congress prize packs to give away. For online ticket sales and trailer check here.




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