Evil Dead Remake in Cinema

Evil Dead Remake in Cinema

I’m sure many of you are wondering when and where the highly anticipated 80s remake of EVIL DEAD is hitting Perth. Get all the info and a link to get tickets here. 


TriStar Pictures, along with FilmDistrict and Ghost House Pictures are bringing you the remake of one of the most terrifying films ever made. Sony is distributing the film and is getting a theatrical release on May 9 here in Australia. The film is directed by Fede Alverez and will be his first feature film after building a career making short films. EVIL DEAD looks utterly terrifying just from the trailer and stars Jane Levy (FUN SIZE), Shiloh Fernandez (RED RIDING HOOD), Elizabeth Blackmore (HOME AND AWAY) and Jessica Lucas (SHE’S THE MAN).


EVIL DEAD has scored an R18+ rating and has already been released in the US raking in over $40 million. The film was reportedly made for $17 million and given the restricted age for audience members, EVIL DEAD has so far done well. 


Cinema Paradiso will be holding screenings of the film on Thursday May 9 at 9:30pm. Get your tickets early here: https://lunapalace.com.au/index.php?cin=online&choice=select_cin&id=2 and I suggest you bring your ID along with a spew bag of some sort. 

Plus for all you gore lovers, our friends over at VUE Cinemas have put together a nice article about The Most Effective Gore Scenes in Cinema History, click it to check it out.

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