Strange: Exhumed Cinema – Liberty Theatre Celluloid Revival!

Strange: Exhumed Cinema – Liberty Theatre Celluloid Revival!

Strange is back for its second year. The festival takes place over ten days and features art, installation, music and cinema. Check their main site ASAP!

The cinema section is Exhumed – a 13-day pop-up (June 20-July 2). It will feature an expertly curated selection of thirty-five cult and classic films programmed in 35mm & 16mm film, at Perth City’s original 1950s arthouse cinema (The Liberty), with nothing digital in sight! This ticketed revival cinema will transport cinephiles on a thrilling journey through time with a collection of iconic, ground-breaking, and memorable films that have shaped the cinematic landscape.

Featuring an eclectic mix of genres, this nostalgic trip down memory lane allows a new generation to enjoy films that have transcended time in all their celluloid glory, and a rebirth of a CBD landmark.

Along with Strange, Exhumed will be open during the day each Wednesday to allow accessibility for people unable to attend the night time screenings.

The program includes such gems as THE CHANT OF JIMMIE BLACKSMITH (1978), HEAVY METAL (1981), METROPOLIS (2001) and MONSTER HOUSE (2006). Examine the site now to see if your favourite niche, classic or cult item is there.

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