Expendables 3 on Set Photo

Expendables 3 on Set Photo


Looks like Schwarznegger is still pumping iron after a photo appeared on his offical Facebook page. 

A ‘happy-snap’ taken of tough guy Arnie standing with director Patrick Hughes and actor Harrison Ford on the set during the first day of filming for EXPENDABLES 3. Behind them is a plane which is believed to belong to Ford, given his costume in the photo. 

The photo came with a caption “It was a fantastic first day of filming on EXPENDABLES 3. Great to work with Harrison and our director Patrick.”

Ford joined the cast in August, while Bruce Willis will not be returning. The rest of the cast consists of well known Hollywood actors; Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz, Jet Li and many more. Most recently, Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson.

EXPENDABLES 3 is due to be released on August 15, 2014. 

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