Factory 293 – Russia on The Swan

Factory 293 – Russia on The Swan

Being a Western Australian movie website, we like to shine some light on those productions that are made here in the Golden West. Today we have something unusual for you.  Writer-director Roderick MacKay and producer Justin McArdle have just premiered their 27 minute short film FACTORY 293 online.

W.A. is a great place to make a film because the light and the climate are very conducive to capturing beautiful natural images. Mackay and McArdle ignored all that and decided to shoot a story set in the Soviet Union in the 1940s during winter. The synopsis: A blizzard cuts the power to munitions Factory293, prompting Grigori to send two of his female machinists into the cold to investigate.

The project was created with a combination of Pozible crowd-funding and ScreenWest’s 3to1 match-funding. For the last 18 months FACTORY 293’s dedicated team has been toiling away to create the many effects necessary to convince an audience that sun-drenched Perth is freezing war-time Russia. And they have done an amazing job; although they left out the iconic tourist shot of Perth city from Kings Park, FACTORY 293 still manages to be a visually stunning short.

So check out Factory 293, AccessReelers. Warning: some violent content. 

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