Fassbender for Robocop?

Fassbender for Robocop?

Not sure if I have mentioned that there will be a remake ( or “remaining) of the 1987 cult favourite Robocop, but there will be, Darren Aronofsky was once involved in the project but backed away and now they have José Padilha ( Elite Squad) on board. So now that we are up to scratch on the goss we can move onto the more interesting aspects.

Padilha has slipped that if he had his way, he would have Michael (Centurion, Inglorious Basterds, X- Men First Class) Fassbender as his Alex Murphy, patrolling the mean streets of Detroit in his vision of Robocop. However intriguing as this may be, it is only speculation at the moment as the project itself is still in it’s early stages. As a rising star, Fassbender is a hot topic at the moment, nabbing quite a few job offers for himself. During a recent interview he spoke briefly about the prospect of donning the iconic metal suit.

“You know, I’m always open. I’ll take a look at the script and sit down with the director and have a conversation. It’s not definitely like, “Oh, I’ve got to play Robocop before I retire.” I don’t have that about anything. I don’t go, “I have to play the Dane one day, or Hamlet.” I don’t really think like that. I just wait and see what comes up, and I’m always open to it. If I react to the script, then I’m up for anything.”

When he was asked if he would mind performing in the heavy costume.

“No. It could be kind of fun. It could be kind of good to have a helmet that I could hide behind, for most of the film, too. That sounds kind of appealing.”

I must admit that if they absolutely had to remake Robocop, Fassbender would be a great choice. Fassbender has had the opportunity to show his charming and seductive side, his violent and brave side and even his sinister side, can he pull off the balance between brave, dutiful, alienated and mechanical as needed in this role? I certainly hope so. There is much more to the story of Robocop than a gun toting cyborg messing with drug dealers, here’s to giving this film to someone who will take it seriously and who will find an actor who will carry it with dignity. Let’s hope Michael doesn’t think the script sucks.