Finding Dory Announcement

Finding Dory Announcement


The long awaited sequel to FINDING NEMO is going to hit cinemas in November of 2015. It will be called FINDING DORY after the ‘Pacific regal blue tang’ fish with short term memory loss. 


Ellen DeGeneres announced the sequel on Tuesdays show that aired in the US. Apparently, DeGeneres has made mention that TOY STORY, CARS and SHREK all had sequels, but nothing for possibly one of the best animated films, in which she stars in. Ellen set up the news for of the film that at first, seemed like a day-late April Fools prank, however, she wasn’t trying to fool anyone. 


From director Andrew Stanton who brought us the very first feature animated film TOY STORY in 1995, he really has come a long way. Apparently FINDING DORY will be set one year after FINDING NEMO and be about Dory reconnecting with her family and set off the Californian coast. 


It is believed that Nemo and the ‘Tank Gang’ would also appear in the film. As a fan of FINDING NEMO, I’ll be sitting front row on the day of release. Get to cinemas early as this film may be a sell-out. 

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