First Look Spiderman Reboot – Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey

First Look Spiderman Reboot – Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey

Today we have a first look at the Spiderman Reboot, these photos were snapped while filming in LA at a local High School and looks to me Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey are getting extemely cosy! I’m still a tad undecided about the reboot considering Spiderman 3 only came out in 2007.

Heres the Cast List.

Andrew Garfield  …  Peter Parker / Spider-Man   
Emma Stone  …  Gwen Stacy  
Rhys Ifans  …  Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard  
Martin Sheen  …  Ben Parker  
Sally Field  …  May Parker  
Denis Leary  …  George Stacy  
Julianne Nicholson  …  Mary Parker  

Casting Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Mary and Ben Parker was a great decision though! Could’nt think of anyone better to play Peters Grandparents.

Check out the photos below, Spiderman is due to hit cinemas on the 4th July 2012.

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