First Set Photos – Transformers 3 – Must Look!

First Set Photos – Transformers 3 – Must Look!

Numerous website are posting the first Set photos of Transformers 3, Originating from I borrowed a couple of photos for you guys to check out. I’m still interested how they will ‘write out’ the Megan Fox character but in these pictures we get to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with Shia and also Tyrese Gibson.

Well I just checked out IMDB on Transformers 3 and it states that Rosie is now Mikaela Banes….interesting! So if IMDB is right, Michael Bay has simply recast the role, now I’m really interested.

Check them out below, Transformers 3 is slated for a 1st July 2011 Release in the States, so we should get it around the same time.

First Look - Transformers 3

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