French Move Out as Germans Close In…

French Move Out as Germans Close In…

With the 2013 Alliance Francaise Film Festival wrapping up tonight, we turn our attention to the next big event on the foreign film calendar: The 2013 Audi Festival of German Films.

Whilst French films trickle steadily on to the Aussie cinema market, the German film industry presents more mystery. Riddled with a history of propaganda, and declared “dead” by a body of ashamed German directors in 1962, it is only in the last 30 or so years that Deutschland has got back on the cinematic bandwagon.

Even after it’s critically acclaimed revival in the 70s, German cinema was not financially successful, with tiny audiences locally and zero interest internationally. As new wave German director, Wim Wenders, explained in 1977: “you have to remember that for years Germany had no film tradition. Now it’s beginning to come back.” 

It appears Wenders spoke true as evident by the annual Audi Festival of German Films which is now in it’s 12th year. The festival has partnered with Luna Palace cinemas and, as such, we can catch tonnes of contemporary German cinematic offerings at Cinema Paradiso 9 – 13 May.

Festival Director, Dr. Arpad Sölterhas crafted a program with the intent of providing something for everyone: there will be dramas, comedies, documentaries and even children’s films. 

Also on offer are special events such as Q&A sessions about the films as well as after parties.

See the trailer for the festival below (looks rather interesting if I do say so myself!)

The full film program can be found here 

Tickets can be purchased here 


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