Friday the 13th Part 13 Dead?

Friday the 13th Part 13 Dead?

For those of us that were looking forward to the 13th film in the Friday the 13th series, it seems likely that it’s not happening now. According to a recent tweet, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller has stated, “it is dead- not happening..” According to BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM, when asked about the sequel, which was due out August 13th, Fuller gave the following statement, “Right now there is no movement on Friday 13th: Part 2.”

I for one was looking forward to see what the new entry could bring to the franchise and add the fact that it was going to be the 13th film in the franchise, let’s hope that they don’t hold back production permanently.
Of all the faults of the ‘reimagined’ Part 12, I think the biggest problems it had was that it wasn’t shot in New Jersey (or at least California!), had too much of a budget and shouldn’t have swapped characters for the 2nd & 3rd acts.

Derek Mears did a  great job as the new Jason and, just like with Daniel Craigs’ Bond, I hope we get to see him in character again for at least one more slasherfest.

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