Full steam ahead for Whedon’s Cabin in The Woods.

Full steam ahead for Whedon’s Cabin in The Woods.

There has been some Whedon buzz after news came out about the filming of The Avengers beginning early this week, so I thought another juicy bit of knowledge about the ever expanding Whedon-verse couldn’t hurt. A major studio has realized that they have faith in Joss and allowed funding for one of his projects that everyone though would be floating in financial limbo, Cabin in The Woods. Now that Whedon has secured now hot topic Chris Hemsworth the studio can hear the money falling from the sky and have opened their arms. The Studio is Lionsgate.

The Cabin In the Woods is a horror flick Co written by Whedon and directed by Cloverfield director Drew Goddard. The film revolves around tried and true horror staples like college kids, creepy cabin and cult classic cameos, that is not to say that it wont be enjoyable and a whole lot of fun. The film has been in production hell since MGM dropped it from it’s 2009 release schedule where they were originally going to put the movie on hiatus until they could convert the picture to 3D, now that may not even happen.

It could be a fun ride no matter how it goes ahead and with golden boy Hemsworth on the list we may even see it in cinemas in Australia! No release date yet but we can always hope.

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