Gallipoli Returns for ANZAC Weekend

Gallipoli Returns for ANZAC Weekend

Fans of the 1981 movie Gallipoli will have a chance to see it on the big screen. As announced in today’s media release: “Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the historic and nation defining Gallipoli campaign, it is with great pride that 20th Century Fox will distribute Peter Weir’s classic film GALLIPOLI. Recognised as one of the finest Australian film of all time GALLIPOLI will available in a lovingly restored digital version for theatrical presentations in select cinemas on April 25th and 26th 2015.”

GALLIPOLI garnered 8 AFI awards and was an important film of the day.  The production gathered together the considerable talents of the Australian New Wave Cinema generation. Apart from Weir himself, it had a solid script by David Williamson, cinematographer Russell Boyd, producer Patricia Lovell and a cast of great Australian actors. The leads were Mark Lee who gave the performance of his career as prize-winning sprinter Archy Hamilton and Mel Gibson who created a finely shaded portrayal of the wary and cynical Frank Dunne.

Frank and Archy’s journey takes them through the Australian outback and Cairo. They are young men on adventure with no idea what awaits them when they reach Gallipoli. Peter Weir’s film brilliantly details the horror and gallows humour of the trenches. The ending is a moving piece of cinema that was unforgettable for those who saw it at the time. Gallipoli also has a number of iconic moments like Archy and Frank travelling across the desert to the music of Jean Michel Jarre and Archy’s training scenes where he is coached by his Uncle Jack (Bill Kerr).

Whether you want to re-watch this film in an excellent restored version or have heard about it but have yet to see it, this is an excellent opportunity to catch up with an Australian classic. 

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