Gary Oldman Approached for STAR WARS VII

Gary Oldman Approached for STAR WARS VII


While the release of an official cast list for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII may seem far, far away, Gary Oldman confirms he has been approached for a role.


The recent news that Zac Efron met with producers regarding a potential place in the latest STAR WARS film did little to excite me, but the latest word on Gary Oldman is much more tantalising!

During ROBOCOP promos, a clever journalist dropped the question of SWVII casting, to which Oldman returned a cheeky smile and the teasing response; “they’ve called”.

According to the 55-year-old actor, inquiries have been made – though the deal is by no means in the bag.

Debate surrounds what role may be on the table, as earlier casting reports from the studio indicated a search for a 40-something military man,  and a 70-something male. 

Oldman may still look pretty fetching for a middle-aged man, but 40 would be pushing it, and “70-something” doesn’t quite fit either…though it could be argued that Disney may consider tweaking their criteria to secure such a respected actor.

Casting rumours are running hot for SWVII, and while it is widely expected that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will return, no-one has actually been officially cast yet…

We’ll keep our ear to the ground and will let you know of any further developments!

You can check out Gary Oldman’s response to the STAR WARS casting question below. Study his body language people! What’s he really saying?!



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