General Aladeen Announces Website Launch

General Aladeen Announces Website Launch

His Excellency Admiral General Aladeen has just tweeted to announce the launch of his website “My website just launched – it’s already bigger than Facebook! Visit it! (unless you’re in Wadiya, where for some reason there’s no internet. I didn’t ban it. Honest)”

You can toggle between English & Wadiyan to learn more about His Excellency Admiral General Aladeen. Just by having a quick look it seems Aladeen has some incredible taste, from Victoria Secret Models to Office Depot obviously for all of his stationary needs, but he also would like us to take a look at the UN Commission on Human Rights on which he calls a hilarious site!

I think Aladeen’s biography on his childhood sums it up pretty good

“Aladeen’s childhood was filled with tragedy; all six of his older brothers met with the most accidental of deaths. The eldest slipped on Aladeen’s Hot Wheels cars and fell down the stairs while babysitting Aladeen. Another brother fell and impaled himself through the eye on Aladeen’s “Action Jackson” action figure — again while babysitting. Another was murdered at age 12 by General Motors when his Pontiac Trans Am put itself in drive and ran him over. Tragically, Aladeen’s remaining three brothers perished in a typical suicide pact by simultaneously shooting themselves in the back multiple times with automatic rifles.”

You can see the website Republic of Wadiya by hitting the link or you can also follow his Excellency @RepublicWadiya and friend him on Facebook at

It seems Paramount Pictures is now in full swing with the marketing for The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen you can check out the trailer here. THE DICTATOR is due to hit cinemas on the 7th June.


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