General Aladeen invades Sydney

General Aladeen invades Sydney

General Aladeen has recently touched down in Australia to run the publicity gauntlet on his upcoming film ‘The Dictator’ in which he has talked about Gillard becoming a man, having sex with Katy Perry, hiring Peter Slipper and that a New Zealand Flight Attendant gave him herpes.

One thing that has always been great about Sacha Baron Cohen is the way he promotes his movies, especially when hes putting on a character, he also doesn’t care to much about pushing boundaries, offending people or even just getting extremely bizzare. I would love to sit down with him and ask him what its like when hes going through the process of developing characters like this and also how he manages to not burst out laughing, on the odd occasion it looks like hes about to but always seems to compose himself pretty quickly.

Check out his interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa and his appearance on the Today Show below.

The Dictator is due to hit cinemas on the 16th May, you can check out the trailer to the film over at our trailer page.

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