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General Aladeen issues Statement on Oscar’s Banishing – UPDATED

General Aladeen issues Statement on Oscar’s Banishing – UPDATED

General Aladeen is currently extremely upset that he can’t attend the Oscars and has issued an official statement.

All humour aside Sacha Baron Cohen was hoping to attend the Oscars as his current alter-ego General Aladeen to help promote his upcoming film ‘The Dictator’ but the Academy told him that basically he’s more then welcome to attend with the cast of ‘Hugo’ as the film is nominated for a massive 11 awards but not as General Aladeen.

So Sacha does what Sacha does best and makes the most of the situation by bringing out the below statement. I can’t wait to see this film the trailer looks damn hilarious and Cohen has failed to disappointment me so far.

You can have a look at our previous articles on The Dictator – General Aladeen Announces Website Launch and General Aladeen issues Official Statement on Kim Jong Il.

Lastly you can see the trailer here.

Update – The Academy has decided to let Sacha appear at the Oscars as he wishes! So there’s a good chance we will see General Aladeen at tomorrows event.

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