Get Thee Gone

Get Thee Gone

Somehow, in the hustle and bustle, the hurley burley, the sheer chaos that was 2014, you missed GONE GIRL. It’s time you joined the cultural conversation, friend. No more will you need to pretend at dinner parties that you know what went on. Remember at Christmas, when your cousin, the one whose getting 110k a year and has a company car, kept going on and on about the mystery of it all? You thought you might read the book, but you know you’re not gonna, you’re too busy!

Luna Outdoor in Leederville has got your back. At 8.15pm on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of January, the Outdoor is screening GONE GIRL for your delectation and consideration. See David Fincher’s film version of Gillian Flynn’s phenomenally successful best seller (adapted by the author herself). Ben Affleck is Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes missing on the day of their fifth anniversary. Neil Patrick Harris is Amy’s old boyfriend Desi, Kim Dickens (Treme, Friday Night Lights) is Detective Rhonda Boney, and Tyler Perry is Nick’s superstar lawyer Tanner Bolt. At once a grand panoramic vision of middle America, a uniquely disturbing exploration of the fault lines in a marriage, and a comedy that starts pitch black and only gets blacker, GONE GIRL is a great work of popular art by a great artist.

Luna Outdoor Program is here and booking details are here. 

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