Gosling to Play Neil Armstrong

Gosling to Play Neil Armstrong

Ryan Gosling is set to reunite with LA LA LAND director Damien Chazelle for the Neil Armstrong biography FIRST MAN. The film is based on “First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong”, written by James Hansen and it documents the Project Mercury and Apollo years at NASA, specially 1961 through to 1969, the year of the moon landing. The script is by SPOTLIGHT (2015) screenwriter, Josh Singer.

The project has been in development for over a decade with director Clint Eastwood first picking it up years ago before discarding it. Chazelle expressed interest after the success of his second feature WHIPLASH (2014). Now he has struck gold yet again with LA LA LAND, Universal Pictures are keen for the Gosling/Chazelle team to work its magic in space. No word yet on whether Armstrong will express his thoughts in song at any point, however it seems unlikely. Production will begin in early 2017.

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