Green Lantern appearing in Justice League?

Green Lantern appearing in Justice League?

2011’s Green Lantern film starting Ryan Reynolds has few redeeming qualities, and despite Geoff Johns involvement with the film, it crushed the hearts of Green Lantern fans around the world. Needless to say the franchise was abandoned after its one failed start, but it’s always just been a matter of time before the Green Lantern Corps made it back to the big screen in one form or another. It seems this might happen a lot sooner than expected, obviously Green Lantern was a part of the DC Cinematic Universe plan which launched with Man of Steel, but a solo film for the character has always been a bit further down the road, currently slated for 2020.

New reports are suggesting however that a Green Lantern (no specifics about which one) will appear in the upcoming DC event film Justice League. If the Green Lantern film DC are working on is truly more a Green Lantern Corps than solo film, the individual to appear in Justice League could be anyone from Guy Gardner, to Hal Jordan, to even an off world member such as Kilowog or Sinestro.

While it may simply be a small role, or even a cameo, Green Lantern looks to be another character in a large cast making up the Justice League film. Many of these characters will be introduced to audiences for the first time through the film. With so many characters to juggle, with the challenge of delivering a compelling villain, Justice League will need a finely balanced script to capture all those elements and tie them together into a cohesive and exciting story!

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