Helping Keep Their Eye On Number 1

Helping Keep Their Eye On Number 1

It has been a great few weeks for going to the cinemas, with various comic book adaptations , remimaginings like Rise of the planet of the apes and Conan and comedies like Horrible Bosses all lining up to empty eager consumer’s pockets, it is always suprising however which movies are the ones that are actually being recieved well. 

Although Conan has just opened with all it’s hacking, slashing barbaric glory, it is a understated, dramatic meditation that has been slated for the number one spot, with a little bit of attitude to push it forward. The Help, starring Emma Stone, is about a young lady who returns from collge to her home town with wider eyes that can see the predjudices that reek from her nighbors and theur unspoken code of rules, the loving and caring maids that she has grown up with have had no voice, until now. Set in the 1960s, it seems charming, thought provoking and possibly preachy, but some messages never lose their relevance. Although seemingly a chick flick it has won the top spot every day of it’s opening week in the US, proving that dramatic movies and heartfelt characters have not lost their effectivness. 

It will be competing with Rise of The Planet of the apes and the Fright Night remake with Colin Farrel, which will capture male attention. they are fairly confident that it will do well for a while. Although it is a very crowded market place for movies at the moment, there is always room for all types of movies and maybe we need something a little more serious. 

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