Henry Cavill is Superman: The Man of Steel

Henry Cavill is Superman: The Man of Steel

The internet is abuzz with news that Zack Snyder has cast his leading man for the role of Superman/Clark Kent in his upcoming film Superman: The Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill, 27, is a relatively new face on the big screen. He joins the list of actors who have played the role made famous by Christopher Reeve, George Reeves, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh and (ahem) Dean Cain.

For those that were hoping that Brandon Routh would get a sophmore chance to play Supes, it will of course be a dissapointing announcement, but, I am sure that he will suprise us – for better or worse.

There has also been a little bit of negativity regarding the fact that he is British. Producer Christopher Nolan is British and he cast a Brit as Batman (Christian Bale). Although it does seem that things tend to be U.K.-centric, you have to consider that they would have cast the best ACTOR, regardless of his origin.

Filming begins in a few months time with an expected release date in December 2012.