Hobbit Finale Dominates Box Office!

Hobbit Finale Dominates Box Office!



While we wait patiently for its Boxing Day release, THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES dominates the global box office, already raking in a whopping $173,000,000 worldwide.

While Bilbo and company first aired their finale in 30+ countries over a week ago, The States had to wait until this weekend to conclude the trilogy. The flick has been on American screens for a mere three days and already US cinema-goers have spent over $50million on tickets!

While it’s generally agreed that THE HOBBIT is not quite up to LORD OF THE RINGS standards, THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES enjoyed a 67% jump in ticket sales from it’s US opening day on Thursday to it’s second day on Friday, which is a bigger increase than any of the LOTR movies saw.

It’s predicted the film will make over $85million in its first five days.


While the first two HOBBIT flicks have pleased (but not impressed) me, I have to say this a great finale…keep an eye out for Leith’s review which will be posted soon!



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