Horrible Bosses Sequel Update

Horrible Bosses Sequel Update


HORRIBLE BOSSES, a hit comedy in 2011 has announced a sequel to be released in November in the US in 2014.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis will be returning after a little more than half a year of negotiations. 

Seth Gordon who directed HORRIBLE BOSSES in 2011 was first in line to direct the sequel, but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts. It is apparent that Sean Anders and John Morris (WE’RE THE MILLERS) will collaborate. Anders will direct and Morris will produce. 

Anders has had experience directing comedy’s (SEX DRIVE, THAT’S MY BOY), while his writing credits are a little more extensive (WE’RE THE MILLERS, SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE), I’m sure he will deliver with the sequel. 

After seeing a steamy Jennifer Aniston on screen in WE’RE THE MILLERS, it’s a wonder whether or not Anders would bring her back for a cameo after working with her previously. She’d definitely create attention for the films release and possibly up the box office figures. 

What kind of ‘horrible’ boss will the boys encounter in the second installment, and I wonder if Jamie Foxx will guide them (well, sort of guide them) through their plans to evict them?

The first film was a surprise success making $209 million worldwide. Quite the achievement, and now there’s a sequel just in time for the Summer holidays in 2014. 

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