Hugh Jackman Cast in Robot Comedy

Hugh Jackman Cast in Robot Comedy

DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM writer / director Neill Blomkamp tries his hand at comedy, with Hugh Jackman joining the cast.


Comedy you say? Mr political sci-fi  is trying his hand at the funnies? Hmmm… interesting! Ok, I’ll give it a crack!

It seems I’m not the only Aussie willing to gamble on Blomkamp’s new direction, it has been revealed that Hugh Jackman is also up for giving it a go.

The film, CHAPPIE, still has an element of the familiar, with the lead character (played by Blomkamp’s go-to-guy Sharlto Copley; the lead in DISTRICT 9 and the freaky South African in ELYSIUM) being a robot policeman.

Said robot is held hostage by a couple of punks. With Copley in the lead, it is reported that Jackman will play a supporting role; the CEO who ends up at odds with the abductors.

Blomkamp attributes an early motion capture test of his as the inspiration for CHAPPIE. He has even confirmed that the character in this short film is Chappie himself. While appearances may change, apparently he will keep his rabbit ears. Aww, cute.

Despite being over 3 years old, the short flick is pretty darn cutting edge, blending live action with CGI: check it out below


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