Hugh Jackman signs up for new Peter Pan movie

Hugh Jackman signs up for new Peter Pan movie

Earlier we brought you the announcement of the 2015 release date for the new Peter Pan movie.   Now details of the cast are slowly being released.

Warner Bros has officially cast Hugh Jackman as a pirate in the upcoming Pan movie,  but he won’t be playing Captain Hook. Instead he will play the movie’s main villain, Blackbeard.

Rumours began circulating last month that the Aussie actor would play Blackbeard, after Javier Bardem reportedly dropped out. However, it was not confirmed by the studio until this week.

Pan is written by actor and writer Jason Fuchs, whose screenplay imagines events before J.M. Barrie’s classic 1904 story.  In this tale, directed by Joe Wright (Atonement), Blackbeard will be the captain of a ship packed with pirates, including Hook and Pan, who team up to take down Jackman’s character.

Garrett Hedlund was recently offered the role of Hook.  Whether he has taken the role has not yet been released.

Pan is scheduled to hit our theatres in July, 2015.

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