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Iron Man 2 – After the Credits Update – No Spoilers.

Iron Man 2 – After the Credits Update – No Spoilers.

Rumours were floating around the net over the last few weeks about the scene after the credits in Iron Man 2. At the press screening I attended last night, a whole bunch of people stayed after the credits and all we saw was a Marvel logo and a Paramount logo. So it looks like they did the same thing as with the first Iron Man, cut the scene from the Media Screenings. 

Now all over the net today, some movie blogs are posting information, theres even photos and videos that there is actually a scene after the credits. I’m not going to post links to that information or even the “video” of it, but I’m sure anyone whos good with google can find it. I’ll be heading to the cinema again tomorrow or friday to see it on the big screen.

Anyways if you happen to find it, comment your thoughts.

Darran loves watching movies, listening to movies and generally everything movies which is mainly the reason why he started accessreel.com and roped some friends in to help him.. Favorite Films: Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Grosse Point Blank, Shawshank Redemption and any Kevin Smith or Tarantino.
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