Iron Man 3 Tops Avengers

Iron Man 3 Tops Avengers


Tony Stark fast talks his way on to US screens today (is it wrong to feel so smug that we got the film before America…?). IRON MAN III earned over $300 million in it’s first nine days, beating even THE AVENGERS.

Having already seen IRON MAN III twice (and, in about two hours, it’ll be three times), I was stunned to discover that the film is only just about to hit it’s biggest market – The US.

Only on Wednesday Mr Stark and his gold/titanium alloy accessories hit China, achieving the highest opening day in Chinese box office history, and helping sky-rocket Tony to record-breaking figures

Most interestingly, however, is IRON MAN III’s figures in comparison to other popular Marvel flicks.

This new, anxiety-ridden version of Stark has already beat the TOTAL international (non-US) box office income for CAPTAIN AMERICA ($192 million), THOR ($268 million) and the first IRON MAN ($267 million).

But that’s not all: IRON MAN III has even surpassed THE AVENGERS’ foreign opening figures despite being released in fewer territories than THE AVENGERS was.

It is boldly proclaimed at the end of the credits for IRON MAN III “Tony Stark will return”. With figures like that; damn right he’ll return! The studio wouldn’t let this golden boy get away.

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