Iron Sky – Reaction Trailer

Iron Sky – Reaction Trailer

On the 9th May 2012 hosted a Preview Screening of Iron Sky! And as usual we have a video camera to capture our guests thoughts as they leave the cinema.

It was great to see readers and partners flocking to set the film it was pretty much full just after the lights went down and it was equally fantastic that we had a bit of entertainment prior to the film you can see the guys in the picture below. (picture taken by Jasper Cook). Iron Sky is definitely going to become a Cult Classic and sitting in a cinema with 250 people laughing along with you it makes for a really fun night.

Huge thanks to Anarchy PR and Hoyts Distribution for letting us host the preview screening, you can also view the video on YouTube and check out our interview with Director Timo Vuorensola here.

Iron Sky is now showing in cinemas everywhere.

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