IT finds a new director

IT finds a new director

As we previously reported, Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) was meant to direct the new adaptation of Stephen King’s story.  

Fukunaga, was rather passionate about directing the two movies and was heavily involved in developing the script for 2 years. So it came as a surprise when he parted ways with the studio and the project 3 weeks before the shoot was meant to begin. Creative and budget reasons were cited as the main reasons.

Many fans thought the project was dead, but knowing how important IT is to New Line Cinema and the producers, there was little doubt among industry insiders that there would be a new director found soon enough.  

Andy Muschietti, who directed the horror hit Mama in 2013, is in negotiations to helm the project. New Line has also begun searching for a new writer to tailor the script to fit Muschietti’s vision.

It has been reported that Will Poulter is no longer officially attached to play Pennywise, however, that doesn’t mean Muschietti won’t cast him again.

While it is unknown what changes will be made to the story line and the tone of the movies, we do know that the studio still plan on making two IT films.


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