IT smashes the US Box Office

IT smashes the US Box Office

IT has opened the second highested opening ever for an R-Rated Film behind Deadpool with a monster $117 million. Internationally IT brought in an estimated $62 million from 46 countries including a massive $5.9m here in Australia.

What is even more interesting is that IT was made on a $35m dollar budget which yes is pretty small for a film these days but obviously the studio didn’t want to risk spending big incase the film didn’t work.. but its definitely paid off.

Part 2 is already in development but hasn’t been greenlit yet but we expect that to happen anytime soon, word online is that the script had already been commissioned though so it’s a no brainer to get back into it. Director Andy Muschietti will be back behind the camera as will the loser club but in flashback form as Part 2 takes place 27 years later with the losers as adults coming back to Derry to defeat Pennywise once again.

I wonder who will play the Losers as Adults, I think that will all come down to what budget gets thrown around for Part 2..

Fingers crossed Warner Bros. put IT: Part 2 on the fast track.

You can take a look at our review of IT here and our interview with Nicholas Hamilton here

UPDATE – Official numbers have now come in for Australia $7,471,023 opening weekend with a Location average of $27,568!

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