ITCH Starts Production on Series 2   

ITCH Starts Production on Series 2   

ABC, Screenwest, Screen Australia and ABC Commercial announce that production has commenced in Western Australia on series two of ITCH – a ten part live-action adventure series produced for ABC by independent film and TV producer Komixx Entertainment and distributed worldwide by ABC Commercial.

The first series of ITCH based on the characters created in the award-winning books by popular British broadcaster and author Simon Mayo, is currently on ABC ME iview as part of the Spring BEST FEST and has also been acquired by channels worldwide including CBBC in the UK and BYU in the US. Sales have all been negotiated by ABC Commercial.

ITCH follows the adventures of Itchingham Lofte, a teenager obsessed by science, who pursues the unusual hobby of collecting all the elements on the Periodic Table. In series one Itch gets his hands on a new, previously unknown element but pursued by a malevolent teacher, the government and an evil corporation he has to draw on his science know-how to stay one step ahead of his adversaries.

Series two moves the story into a whole new adventure. Excited to spend their summer holiday by the beach, Itch and his friends are shocked to find dead fish washing up on the shores of Seaburgh after a boat explosion. They suspect foul play involving evil corporation Greencorp, but as the authorities ignore their concerns it is left to Itch and his friends to uncover the truth for themselves. In their efforts to keep the water safe, they make a discovery that threatens Seaburgh with devastation.

The ABC’s Head of Children’s Production, Libbie Doherty said, “The ABC is proud to support ITCH Series 2 that will deliver more of the high octane adventure full of twists and turns, shocks and betrayals, that speaks to the passion Australian kids have for the environment. The world class production values will deliver complex storytelling, all Australian cast and epic WA locations that honours the sophisticated viewing habits of young Australian audiences. ITCH Series 2 is the first ABC Children’s drama to head into production since COVID and we are thrilled to be working again with the original cast and West Australian crews.”

Amanda Morrison Head of Global Production and Managing Director of Komixx Entertainment in Australia explained: “ITCH series one has enjoyed a fantastic reception world-wide. Our BYUtv (US) audience, where ITCH is currently broadcasting, are loving the action-packed on-screen adventure and unique West Australian landscapes, and we are anticipating our UK launch with the BBC.  We will be building on the universal themes of science and environmentalism in series two, which will again be produced entirely out of WA; celebrating the talent of our local industry, and showcasing the Great Southern and Peel regions to audiences across the world.”

Screenwest’s CEO, Willie Rowe said, “ITCH series 2 marks the recommencement of drama production for Western Australia and significant job opportunities for West Australians. We are thrilled that through the support of Screenwest and the Western Australian Regional Film Fund our Great Southern and Peel regions will be showcased on screen.”

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