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Izzard Calling Back

Izzard Calling Back

Aussie fans of British comedian, writer and actor Eddie Izzard can get excited right about now because he is due to arrive in the wide, brown land very soon. The actor has been receiving terrific notices for his performance of Bertie the Prince of Wales in Stephen Frears’ VICTORIA & ABDUL. And now he is headed to Australia to star in the movie, THE CALL BACK.

The film is Marion Pilowsky’s (“Sleuth”) feature debut and follows a struggling restaurateur (Emily Taheny), mired in debt, and who has had a short-lived relationship with Henry, a British movie star (Izzard). She subsequently settles with a new partner (Luke McKenzie), but her world is turned upside down when Henry comes back into her life, along with his new French girlfriend (Vanessa Guide).

Shooting will start on the Australian movie later this month in and around Adelaide. If you have reached this sentence and are still unsure about who Izzard is, then begin with the Youtube video “Death Star Canteen”.

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