January 2013 at the Box Office.

January 2013 at the Box Office.

The countdown to 2013 felt like it was last weekend, and well, January is now over. There has been new films released each week in January. The school holidays (and heat) has definitely brought more families (and parents trying to escape their kids) to the box office. Here’s an international box office wrap-up for the first month of 2013.

We’ll start with the top 5 grossing films for January:


  1. Life of Pi                                   $197.8 million*
  2. The Hobbit                               $176.5 million*
  3. Les Misérables                        $123.3 million*
  4. Django Unchained                   $111.5 million*
  5. Jack Reacher                           $82.1 million*


(These figures are of 2013 gross only)


Of the top 5, LIFE OF PI has proven to shine at the box office with it’s overall gross of $422.4 million USD. THE HOBBIT has now grossed $646.3 million since its release date. LES MISERABLES has collected $312.9 million proving to be a well-loved musical.*


Other than the top 5 of January 2013, there were a few films which were surprisingly successful. SKYFALL, the James Bond flick, is now 6th film of all time at the box office with an intake of $776.5 million USD worldwide. HANSEL & GRETEL is number 1 in all but one of the countries the film has been released, with a box office figure of $35.8 million USD. PARENTAL GUIDANCE has had an excellent run in Australia, the films overall box office figure is $34.5 million with $10.8 million of that contributed by Australian audiences.*


Over the next few months we can expect to see a handful of upcoming films that I’m sure will fill cinemas when they are released. WARM BODIES, CLOUD ATLAS and SAFE HAVEN (conveniently released on Valentines Day) are all films I can’t wait to see on the big screen. What film are you most excited for this year?


*Figures are of all USD as at 27.01.13.

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