Jenkins’ Pay Day Wonder

Jenkins’ Pay Day Wonder

News released today by DC and Warner Bros that Patty Jenkins, director of the original WONDER WOMAN (2017), is now set to direct its sequel WONDER WOMAN 2. In a northern summer season when certain hoped-for blockbusters did less well than expected, WONDER WOMAN swept all before it by taking US$815 million worldwide.

Wonder Woman was the DC Extended Universe’s first bona fide hit with no traces of fannish discontent like that which accompanied BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (2016) or SUICIDE SQUAD (2016). Jenkins has been in negotiations for the last three months and will receive approximately US$8 million dollars to write, produce and direct the sequel. She also has a backend deal for a cut of the grosses which may bring her final payday to somewhere around US$10 million. This news hit the information super highway today along with the announcement that Jenkins has become the highest paid female director in history. The fact that this success is attached to the great female super hero Wonder Woman, seems highly appropriate.

Jenkins and DC Comics president, Geoff Johns have been developing Wonder Woman 2’s story and word is the sequel will jump forward in time from the first film and be set in the 1980s; Diana will battle the Soviet Union in the final days of the Cold War.

Gal Gadot has already signed to star in Wonder Woman 2 which will be released in December 2019. Wonder Woman herself will be back on international screens somewhat earlier in November this year as a fighting member of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

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