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Joel Courtney – Super 8

Joel Courtney – Super 8

Last week I had the chance to Interview the young star of the upcoming J.J Abrams film Super 8! Which hits cinemas today in Australia and on Friday in the States. Joel is definitely a brilliant young actor and with no acting experience behind him I was honestly blown away by this young kids talent.

In the 15 or so minutes I talked to Joel about everything from being cast in Super 8 to his school friends reactions. I also touched base with the relationship he has with the 5 other cast and hanging out together in their downtime. He did seem a little bit nervous which is understandable considering the scope this film is in and within the next few days the kid will be pretty much known worldwide.

I expect great things for Joel.. theres definitely talent there and he told us in the interview he already has some TV work in the mix and also another movie! So I spose watch this space….

Check out the interview below and you can also see my review of Super 8 Here.