John Carter Loses $200 Million

John Carter Loses $200 Million

Since the quieter than expected opening weekend (March 9) for Disney’s JOHN CARTER there has been much speculation about its eventual financial outcome.  According to Disney the movie has made US $184 million internationally and this means the studio will incur a $200 million loss in its second fiscal quarter which ends March  31. 

The failed epic is the biggest flop for Disney since 2011’s MARS NEEDS MOMS. There has been blame aplenty with pundits pointing to a lack-lustre marketing campaign, a bad first trailer and the public’s unfamiliarity with the story as reasons for the movie’s poor performance at the Box Office. The film was the live action debut for Pixar director Andrew Stanton

“Movie making does not come without risk. It’s still an art, not a science, and there is no proven formula for success,” Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross said in a statement. Andrew Stanton is an incredibly talented and successful filmmaker who with his team put their hard work and vision into the making of ‘John Carter.’

Disney is counting on the May 2012 release of Marvel’s The Avengers to refill the studio’s coffers.

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