Joseph Kosinski headed for the Twilight Zone?

Joseph Kosinski headed for the Twilight Zone?

Remember that series from way back that ran for 5 seasons from the late 1950’s into the mid-1960’s? Or perhaps you’re more likely to have noticed the revival from the mid to late 1980’s? Did you see one of the more recent revivals that didn’t go so well such as the early 2000’s one season attempt that was cancelled? Of course I’m talking about none other than Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone.

The idea of a new feature film based on the Twilight Zone had been hovering around in development hell for several years at this point, a number of writers have worked on the project and some different directors have also been attached only for the project to spin its wheels and seemingly make little progress.

Well the latest news for this project brings in Jospeh Kosinski who of course directed 2010’s Tron: Legacy as well as this year’s Tom Cruise starring sci/fi film Oblivion. Kosinski has proven himself a capable director with his previous efforts, he’s displayed an excellent visual style though his storytelling/film narratives aren’t always fantastic.

Nothing official has come out on potential plots for a feature film, those familiar with the series of course would know the show focused on one off stories around any combination of science fiction, horror, suspense, or thriller. This leaves a lot of scope in terms of where a big screen Twilight Zone outing could go but for now, we’ll have to wait and see how this progresses.

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