Journey 3 and 4 Announced with Dwayne Johnson Attached

Journey 3 and 4 Announced with Dwayne Johnson Attached

Loved Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1 and 2? Well you’re in luck, Dwayne Johnson has signed onto the next two installments Journey 2 and 3 plus Chad and Carey Hayes, who co-wrote The Conjuring are on board to write both of them.

Looks like the big plan is for both movies to be shot back to back and no word yet on if Vanessa Hudgens, Luis Guzman or Michael Caine are set return obviously we expect Josh Hutcherson to come back as hes pretty much the lead in the previous films but who knows maybe after Hunger Games hes had enough of franchise films? I do feel he will be back though, Hunger Games has nearly wrapped up filming so I totally expect he will be looking at other opportunities.

The first two films have made about $600million at the Box Office (that doesn’t include Home entertainment Sales) which is a pretty great result considering each film cost under $100m to make. Obviously throwing two brand new writers in the mix they are looking at going in a different direction, Chad and Carey actually wrote the film San Andreas which Johnson just wrapped up filming in Australia a couple of months ago.

I actually enjoyed the other movies so I’m pretty interested to see where they end up next, we don’t have a release date yet but I expect it’s going to be a while as two scripts have to be written.

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