Jugular Pozible Campaign!

Jugular Pozible Campaign!

Australian film JUGULAR has been screened at Festivals across Australia which also included some Q&A events with the novelist-turned-director JJ DeCeglie but now the hard part is upon them, funding to be able to get the movie officially classified which isn’t cheap plus integrate everything for iTunes which also includes some PR/Marketing. So what the team at Video Archives have set out to do is to run a Pozible Crowd-Funding Campaign to help them do just that.

Video Archives is the new boutique film sales and distribution company founded by writer/co ­producer of The Black Balloon, Jimmy The Exploder. The company’s first aquisition title is JUGULAR by JJ DeCeglie, which was shot in Melbourne on a shoestring budget and has been getting rave reviews across the festival circuit including picking up a few awards at last years Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

To fund classification in Australia and the US plus the other items needed it’s going to cost around $15k so thats what the guys at Video Archives are aiming for and we wish them good luck, as we all know the Australian film industry is pretty light on of late so anything that can help push Australian flicks onto a bigger market seems pretty great idea for us. Even these smaller indy flicks.

So what you can do is jump over to the Pozible page and check out all the information you need including some pretty great perks!

Check out the trailer to JUGULAR below and lets up they reach their target.

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