Jurassic Park 4 – title and release date

Jurassic Park 4 – title and release date


If you thought the rebirth of the deathly creatures that roamed Earth centuries ago was over – think again. The much successful franchise, created by Spielberg in 1993, has had a trilogy, rerelease in 3D and now, a fourth film. 

Universal Pictures had announced the name and release date. JURASSIC WORLD is scheduled to hit the big screen in 3D on June 21, 2015. With a mid year 2015 release date, this means the film will be competing with some highly anticipated films announced earlier this year. The Avengers sequel, SUPERMAN VS BATMAN, ANTMAN and a CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel. There’s no telling a wide range of people like this franchise with its success and childrens toys galore. I do wonder, though, have we had enough of the giant carnivores? After the rerelease of JURASSIC PARK in 3D, it’s certain audiences will still pay to see this, but will the comeback be as successful as anticipated? 

I think it will. Almost everyone knows about this film, from kids to grandparents. The Jurassic Park franchise still lives today and will continue to for a long time. These creatures have never been witnessed by the human eye before and the only trace of these magical beasts are from the skeletons left behind. History is fascinating when there’s room for question; How did they become? Why are they no longer? While we have some answers, I still remember learning about these creatures in grade 3 while I sat front and center.

Spielberg heightened my interest for these creatures. Lets hope director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) can tell a fascinating film about dinosaurs that the children of today will remember and get excited about. 

Who do you think will be cast?

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