Jurassic Park’s New Robot is Almost Here

Jurassic Park’s New Robot is Almost Here

Jurassic Park’s new robot is almost upon us, or so it would seem. This is a pop culture franchise that has been around since the 1990’s, and it has become a permanent fixture of popular culture ever since. Many people were asking whether or not Jurassic World is a reboot or a sequel, since it would seem that a film that came out so many years after the first film would be a reboot and not a sequel. In fact, Jurassic World was a sequel. The upcoming movie in the franchise is basically going to be a sequel to Jurassic World, demonstrating that there is a sort of continuity going on, and there is no entirely new franchise.

The biggest jackpot winners of online casinos would probably be willing to spend all of their earnings in order to see real dinosaurs. In fact, in Japan, some people are talking about creating a real version of Jurassic Park that could be in the works by 2017. Of course, some people would debate whether or not this version actually qualifies as real, since the dinosaurs are still going to be animatronic. However, they are going to be as close to real as people can get with today’s technology, especially because the scientific scenario in the Jurassic Park franchise actually would not work in real life according to the experts of today. DNA just doesn’t last for that long, among other things. Still, the people playing games at the 7 sultans Online Casino can dream, and they might still want to go to a theme park featuring realistic dinosaurs.

Between playing Jurassic Park themed games, people can enjoy watching the entire Jurassic Park franchise again, since most of it is available on live video streaming websites. Jurassic World in particular is a film created with an awareness of the nostalgia that a lot of people feel for the first films. The dinosaurs in Jurassic World do not have feathers, even though scientific research over the past two decades says that most of them should be feathered.

This actually receives some commentary in the film. Dr. Henry Wu, who is the only character to return from the original film, more or less makes some meta commentary by pointing out that the dinosaurs in the park look the way people expect dinosaurs to look and that they are not natural dinosaurs due to all of the DNA tinkering. The film comments on the nostalgia that a lot of people are experiencing. It is interesting to imagine that if the scenario from the movie came true, people would still expect the dinosaurs to be modified in order to suit their perceptions.

The Jurassic Park franchise demonstrates that old movie franchises can be resurrected with ease. The frequency of sequels and reboots in Hollywood does not seem to bother too many people. The next Jurassic Park film is going to have political commentary on corporate greed, demonstrating that this is a franchise with style and substance. 

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